The Antara Way

The Antara Way is our guiding principle to conceive and craft a beautifully designed community for the progressive few who believe age is just a number. Life as we get older is a time for renewal and reflection, a time to reconnect with ourselves and forge new bonds within a safe, inspiring and well managed environment. It is a time that is filled with hope and energy coupled with the aspiration of less worry and a better quality of life. The vision of creating the first such community in India gave direction, shape and identity to what we call the Antara Way. The Antara Way creates a comprehensive ecosystem with four principal elements:


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A genuine spirit of care

The Antara Way is first and foremost about caring. Since our goal is to make every Antara resident feel well looked after and that their every need is resourcefully dealt with, our approach to your Antara life goes beyond just physical health to a perfectly balanced care of mind, body and spirit. Our layout, design, group activities and individual pursuits are tailored to enhance and promote holistic wellness in you. Our trained team of nearly 200 is always on call to provide attentive but unobtrusive service.

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An eye for detail

Your Antara apartment is individually crafted, built with the finest materials and finished with meticulous attention to detail to make your Antara apartment beautiful, perfect for you and timeless. Each block is conceived to have a unique look and feel and an optimized view. Entrance lobbies are spacious and welcoming. The use of optimum materials and ideas make for a living area that’s perfect for the individual resident as well as for interacting with your immediate neighbours.

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A curated community

At Antara the aspiration is to create a community where our residents feel they belong with each other even if they haven’t met before. Common interests, beliefs and enthusiasms weave our residents together through invisible threads, building and nurturing a community where friends become family. We are building Antara as a community that truly allows people to find each other and thus feel comfortable to call Antara their home.

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A sound investment

Our ownership structure is designed to create and preserve a thriving community of the like-minded and to ensure our residents have a consistent and hassle-free life at Antara. The ownership structure ensures that both the asset and the finances of our residents are securely protected and managed by us, to give them
clarity and peace of mind.

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