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The Antara Journey
13 Jul 2015 | Tara Singh Vachani
I started the journey of building Antara Senior Living with a simple yet powerful question: what would it take to give people the best life they could possibly have as they got older. The quest for the answer took me across various parts of the world and the Indian sub-continent. These travels helped me discover and learn that communities such as what we are creating will be a new way to think about later life - a life that radiates energy with a promise of an increase in quality of life. I envisioned progressive individuals joining me in this journey and I can say that I am truly delighted with where we have reached now.

The launch of our relationship building work in May’2013 gave us an encouraging response from our prospective residents and the industry at large. I along with a robust team in place, have had the chance to therefore celebrate many milestones for our first community at Purukul, Dehradun since then. I must share with you that each milestone brought me closer to the actualization of Antara Dehradun.

The past 2 years have been quite remarkable for all my team members, with each and every member putting their best foot forward towards the successful completion of Antara Dehradun and truly embodying our vision and commitment. Our construction work is in its last stages of completion and we are all geared up for our residents to start moving in the first quarter of 2016. With the design journey almost completed, the focus now is towards setting up the community operations. The team now has on board the head of the departments who will be instrumental in smooth functioning of operations.

As we work tirelessly to get the community ready for next year our residents give us the drive to work, bigger and better. I will write periodically on this blog to give updates and interesting anecdotes from our experiences and I look forward to sharing how our journey unfolds with you.

20 Jul 2016

One or two to remember, that is.

L.K.Gupta - 23 Aug 2016 I want to full details of your project.
Team Antara - 23 Aug 2016 Dear L.K Gupta, Thank you for your interest in Antara Senior Living. We will send the details to the email id shared by you. Regards, Team Antara
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