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Dehradun – An ideal location for an ideal lifestyle
09 Oct 2015 | Tara Singh Vachani
My first memory of Dehradun is the smell of rain and watching my siblings play in a huge water puddle in the driveway of my grandparents home. My summer, Diwali and growing up were spent reading endless books, sitting outside as the sun set while watching my grandparents drink tea, playing in the garden, going up to Mussoorie, walking in the Forest Research Institute and feeding jaggery to Deer in the Deer Park.

As one got older, Dehradun started to change and so did my relationship with it. My mother being from the city and my father having spent the most important years of his school life there, always made sure we stayed connected but in an evolving way. I was able to see how as a city Dehradun was unique; be it the people who lived there, their attitude to quality of life, politics, literature to the ability to see beautiful forests and mountain ranges every morning from the window. The spiritual influences of Buddhism at every corner to the proximity of Haridwar and Rishikesh reminds you to tap into your inner beliefs and express them in some way or the other.

When choosing our first location for the community, Dehradun seemed to fulfil each of our criteria - great quality of air, beautiful views, connectivity to an airport and therefore to Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, superb healthcare and a way to connect with the community as a whole. Our journey thus far with the city has been one of learning and attachment. We find all that is special about it come to life on a daily basis and cannot wait for our Antara residents to see the magic the way we do.

Here is a video we recently shot to capture the essence of Dehradun as an ideal location for an ideal lifestyle. A perfect place to start a new chapter of your life!

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