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Design Journey – Antara Dehradun
30 Oct 2015 | Tara Singh Vachani
Our design journey began with a pioneer of design and architecture,Bradford Perkins, who is a true visionary in designing spaces that support and preserve independence as we get older. Bradford soon become a friend and a mentor to the design of Antara’s first community. To partner Bradford, Tomeu Esteva of Esteva I Esteva Arquitectura, a boutique design firm in Spain and an expert at creating beautiful spaces, joined the team to give the community a sense of life and expand on Perkins’ functionality and detailing. An experience spreading over many years of in-depth thinking around the Dehradun ecosystem, creating a sense of beautiful spaces and fundamentally designing what our residents would enjoy and need, resulted in what Antara Dehradun is today.

The Design philosophy was based on a few fundamental principles – preserve the beautiful trees on the site, keep the buildings as low-rise as possible, give each apartment a sense of privacy and something beautiful to look at while ensuring that each space can be maintained through the years to continue to look well kept. All of this had to happen while keeping our “Age in place” philosophy in mind. The contribution of architecture and design to the quality of life and ageing had to be respected; which is what became the foundation of how we designed spaces, chose materials, designed our lighting, acoustics and fabrics.

Post designing the concept and schematic phase of Antara Dehradun we went through a detailed exercise of feedback from residents as well as an internal value engineering exercise to make our design efficient and cost effective. This exercise led us to partner with our execution partners Arcop and Lotus Design to see us through the final stages of design execution. With their vast experience of designing in India, Arcop joined the team to complete and execute our residential spaces, while Lotus gave life to our clubhouse to truly make it the jewel in the crown of the community.

For the landscape work, which forms the main essence of the community, we partnered with Integral Design to put their expertise in practice.

An elaborate 50,000 sq ft club house has been created as an extension to the residents homes. The central idea of the clubhouse at Antara is to function as a Community Living Space for the residents and their visitors. A place to meet, interact, learn and pamper themselves.

The spaces in the community have been planned in a manner that allow both for solitude as well as shared activities and celebrations. The design approach is born of a synergy between state-of-the-art engineering and local materials, woven together with a fresh and contemporary expression.

Antara thus is a combination of vibrant yet subtle design nuances, hidden design features to ensure safety, security and comfort and an overall sense of space and landscape, a space of character and personality.

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