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Gratitude – as simple as it gets
17 Nov 2015 | Tara Singh Vachani
Two weekends ago, Antara’s Leadership Team (Our Team) comprising of thirteen of us went off on a two day offsite to bond, rest and learn as one big family. Wanting to spend time close to the heart of Antara we chose to be in the vicinity of Antara Dehradun and selected Mussoorie as our location.

After an adventurous drive up to Mussoorie, we arrived to then spend an evening together filled with laughter and most importantly - constant singing! The next morning we started our session with what really became the theme of our offsite – ‘The Power of Gratitude’. The start of the session was a video that really got us thinking – do we feel as good when expressing gratitude or do we only expect to feel good when we receive it?

Can we truly practice the art of thanking those who strive to make our lives better versus expecting ‘thank-you’s’ for everything we think we are doing for others. The exercise that we did to establish this relationship was to write a note for each one of the other team members and express what we were grateful to them for. We were then asked to read out notes to each other face to face (one-on-one) and give thanks for the impact they have on our lives. This giving of thanks while for some came naturally and was an essential part of who they are, for most was an alien exercise.

Why was it such an alien exercise I asked the team? The answer: we somehow never get the time to stop, think and thank those who go out of their way to make our lives better.

This response from almost ninety percent of the team really got me thinking about Antara and the fact that our inspiration to create what we are working towards creating, is to be able to give our residents the space, time and luxury to stop, think and realize what it is they have missed doing or saying through the years. The Antara eco-system really aims to create a world where the little things are easy to do and say and the preoccupation of life as we know it doesn’t make us forget the things we hold most dear – each other.

The exercise of gratitude, made us lighter, stronger and more attached to each other as a team, it made us realize the power of creating an ecosystem that encourages us to be mindful to acknowledge those around us which we hope is what Antara will do for all those who live there.

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