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We - the little people
03 Sep 2015 | Tara Singh Vachani
Six months ago after much cajoling from the Board, our marketing strategy partners, residents and many creative gurus, I was made to believe that we needed to launch an Ad-campaign. The rationale – we cannot expect people to commit to us till they don’t have enough support in their ecosystem of others who can validate that they know Antara exists.

The thought of trying to convey everything Antara stood for in a single A4 page comprising of images and a few fancy words; gave me anxiety more than I can explain! How is it possible to express 4 years of hard work, relationships, emotions, inspiration and passion all in a single page? The answer to this was slowly about to unfold into what has been one of the most enriching experiences; we as Team Antara had.

The campaign brief clearly was to express how Team Antara will do whatever it takes to add value to our residents in a beautiful setting like Dehradun.

Thus started hour after hour of creative meetings in our offices in Okhla – every Tuesday the teams would gear up post lunch to enter the “Battle Room” and get ready for arguments, laughter, copious calories, laptop crashes, creative rhetoric, word-smithing and most importantly endless cups of tea. After days and weeks of iterations and clashes on creative direction; we all came to one conclusion: we cannot do anything that has ever been done in this space. We needed the campaign identity to be unique, beautiful, rich and thoughtful. We were clear; even if it does not “sell” the product, it must catch someone’s eye and evoke the reaction: “that’s beautifully creative!”

This gave rise to the journey of illustrating the campaign. We did not want any existing person representing who we are or what we stood for and chose to literally “draw” our own people. Through the route of art and illustrations we were also able to show the beauty of the ecosystem of Dehradun.

Our focus on service and service delivery inspired us to draw a campaign; that encompassed the notion that we would do whatever it took to make an experience of our resident, special and unique. Hence, the “little people” flying around in each creative symbolize us, Team Antara, we; who will always be there. The tag lines “Do the things you love, we’ll take care of the rest”, “Antara Senior Living. Where age is just a number”, and “Celebrate life with old friends and new”, all emotes a dimension of the Antara offering that our residents have shared with us as being the guiding points that drew them to us. We believed that there is no better communication than that coming from those who believe in the ‘Antara Way’.

The launch of all three proof of concepts were completed on August 30th and our little prayer with every release has been – let us put a smile on the face of whoever sees our ad and let them believe that life can truly continue to be magical at Antara.

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