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A Spool of Blue Thread
14 Dec 2015 | Tara Singh Vachani
I recently finished a book nominated for the Man Booker Prize written by Anne Tyler called a Spool of Blue Thread. The book chronicles three generations of a family and shows the interdependencies of each family member in the part they play in the destiny of the other. The Spool is meant to represent the ever ending experiences of life intertwined together and blue the colour of the sky and the expanse it brings to life experiences. The book is centeredarounda house that has been in the family for many generations and how the physicality of the home keeps everyone attached to it in spite of their lives demanding them to move on, evolve and grow. It eventually ends in the family having to move away, sell the house and start afresh, individually with their own families. In an interview Anne Tyler mentions that the book was inspired by her waking up one morning and realizing how hard we hold onto things that contribute very little to us at the end. The books ends on a euphoric note of fresh beginnings, awareness of what truly makes one happy and the courage to start life with a new spool.

This got me thinking about Antara and how it is encouraging people to move on, start again and rebuild their version of “life”. In my conversation with many of our residents, there is this confidence in their desire to “rebalance” their priorities and are using Antara as the trigger to do it. The idea that a new home both physically as well as emotionally acts as a refresh button is the key proposition that Antara brings. The idea and ability to tap into experiences never experienced in the company of new and old friends. Antara to our residents represent their new spool,a spool of new life experiences!

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