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Vi Living to We Living
13 Jan 2016 | Tara Singh Vachani
I was recently on a 5 day marathon trip to the US to do a roadshow with our partners Sotheby’s. On that trip I took out a few hours to go and see what is regarded as the number one Senior Living community in the US. Based out of Palo Alto in California, Vi Living (a part of the Hyatt Group), spread over 5 acres in the heart of Palo Alto represents luxury Senior Living at its best. With price points starting at 5 crores and going upwards of 10 crores, the community continues to have a robust wait list. On fixing my meeting with their Executive Director, I was pleasantly surprised to know that they had heard of Antara and I was most flattered that they had done their research to find similarities between us and them, from a vision and service delivery perspective. I was thoroughly impressed with their intent and focus to create a beautiful and well run community, similar to ours, their focus has been on making sure every desire and need of their residents is addressed. However, the one thing that did strike me while walking around was whether a strong “community” had been formed, I wondered if the “We” element of ‘Vi Living’ was a bit under optimized? After a lot of thought, I realized that we as Indians have a natural affiliation of being with people, of growing up with family and friends around us all the time. Our sense of privacy is not the same as the west and our ability to connect with one another is far easier. That made me excited when thinking of Antara and envisioning the strength that will come from the bonds and ties that will come with living together. Even before our residents have moved in, I have seen friendships blossom, support strengthened and opportunities created to come together and establish relationships. In all my conversations with residents and clients, this is the one element I worry least about given the desire and excitement I see in people wanting to start new friendships. Our aspiration continues to make Antara a community where independent minds and experiences will come together to make a new and unique community and I cannot wait for 2016 to be the year this movement starts!

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